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Hearty Thanks to Sanskrit links blog

We are very happy to pay our hearty thanks to Sanskrit links Blog for their kind publication of information about our services/Sites on their blog.

We request other Sanskrit blogs and sites also to extend the same type of cooperation from their side.
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Exclusevely for Sanskrit Lovers

We are working to bring together Sanskrit lovers and Ask them to Speak, Write, Comment Sanskrit.
In this context, We switched our URL from Teluguthesis's subdomine to Sanskrit central. We also changed our blog's address to

Further, We planned to create A Sanskrit toolbar where exclusive Sanskrit stuff will be available. The Sanskrit toolbar is a great Idea for Sanskrit lover which is a handy tool. It provides important links such  as  Sanskrit magazines, Sanskrit Radio news, Sanskrit related links etc. We think Sanskrit lovers may appreciate this tool.

We also request you to suggest appropriate steps to be taken to promote Sanskrit widely through out the   internet. you can post your suggestions in guest book or direct to our mail .

You can download Sanskrit toolbar from the address -

Sanskrit Lovers ! Let us work together

We welcome all the Sanskrit Lovers to work together.

 It is observed that there are so many websites  and vast of stuff related to Sanskrit is available on the  internet. But, unfortunately there is no platform which gathers all Sanskrit lovers together.

 Some of bloggers or site admins tried a little bit but they did not get full success in this way.   The two sites and one blog are worked a lot in this field. They are -
  3.  (Blog) 
Some of  other sites named the Sanskrit blogs in their links section. There was no agregator for Sanskrit blogs.

     To overcome this we have started an aggregator namely Samskruta vaani and gathered most of Sanskrit blogs'/ websites' RSS feeds together and published their titles. The list of sites included can be seen at our "Listed blogs" section. Some of sites might have left as we could not find them / their feed. If any one suggests such sites, we will link them with our aggregator. One more unfortunate thing is so many Sanskrit lovers  don't know about our aggregator as it has been started recently and one more our bad luck is No Sanskrit blogs or Sanskrit websites (except two / three) are showing our emblem on their weblogs even after our requests.

Now we are trying to gather all Sanskrit lovers in an other mode i.e with our new Sanskrit toolbar where Exclusively Sanskrit stuff / Samskriti stuff will be provided at user's finger's (mouse)tip. Currently we are providing  the links for ...

  • Aggregator's link 
  • Online Sanskrit Magazines
  • Radio Sanskrit News
  • Live Darshanam of Mumbai Siddhi vinayaka , Kashi Vishweshvara, Mumbai ISKON and Shirdi Baba.
We will improve the toolbar in coming days which will be auto updated on installed toolbar s. 

Now we request you to visit our Samskritavaani Sanskrit toolbar page  and install the toolbar .We welcome your suggestions to improve the toolbar.

We also request you to give more publicity to this thing among your friends and relatives through your blog/ website / Social network / mail etc. We expect your co-operation in our Sanskrit service.

Further,We request you to suggest efforts to be made to gather all Sanskrit lovers at a platform.We will surely try to implement the best ideas.

We work for Sanskrit and on your Service .

Sotras in Ten Scripts

There is a great place to Stotras in Sanskrit literature. People recite Sanskrit Stotras all over India. But there is a difficult to read Stotras in the script other than their mother toungh. To over come the problem, We have started a website  Stotra Ratnakaram  where one can read the Stotra in his favorable language script. The languages here covered are  -

  1. Telugu                       స్తోత్రరత్నాకరమ్
  2. Tamil                        ஸ்தோத்ரரத்நாகரம்
  3. Malayalam               സ്തോത്രരത്നാകരമ്
  4. Kannada                   ಸ್ತೋತ್ರರತ್ನಾಕರಮ್
  5. Deva Nagari              स्तोत्ररत्नाकरम्
  6. Gujaraathi                  સ્તોત્રરત્નાકરમ્
  7. Gurumukhi                 ਸ੍ਤੋਤ੍ਰਰਤ੍ਨਾਕਰਮ੍
  8. Oriya                         ସ୍ତୋତ୍ରରତ୍ନାକରମ୍
  9. Bengali  and also...     স্তোত্ররত্নাকরম্
  10. English.                       Stotra Ratnakaram
 Please go to the URL  and select your language and click on it. Done. You will be redirected to your selected language page.

There is a provision to subscribe Stotras from your side also.  If you send Stotra in Unicode form, We will publish it along with your name along with your website / Blog on the Top/ Bottom of the post.

Please utilize the website. Share this information with your friends and relatives so that they can also utilize it.