Sotras in Ten Scripts

There is a great place to Stotras in Sanskrit literature. People recite Sanskrit Stotras all over India. But there is a difficult to read Stotras in the script other than their mother toungh. To over come the problem, We have started a website  Stotra Ratnakaram  where one can read the Stotra in his favorable language script. The languages here covered are  -

  1. Telugu                       స్తోత్రరత్నాకరమ్
  2. Tamil                        ஸ்தோத்ரரத்நாகரம்
  3. Malayalam               സ്തോത്രരത്നാകരമ്
  4. Kannada                   ಸ್ತೋತ್ರರತ್ನಾಕರಮ್
  5. Deva Nagari              स्तोत्ररत्नाकरम्
  6. Gujaraathi                  સ્તોત્રરત્નાકરમ્
  7. Gurumukhi                 ਸ੍ਤੋਤ੍ਰਰਤ੍ਨਾਕਰਮ੍
  8. Oriya                         ସ୍ତୋତ୍ରରତ୍ନାକରମ୍
  9. Bengali  and also...     স্তোত্ররত্নাকরম্
  10. English.                       Stotra Ratnakaram
 Please go to the URL  and select your language and click on it. Done. You will be redirected to your selected language page.

There is a provision to subscribe Stotras from your side also.  If you send Stotra in Unicode form, We will publish it along with your name along with your website / Blog on the Top/ Bottom of the post.

Please utilize the website. Share this information with your friends and relatives so that they can also utilize it.


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