Why we are asking to write Sanskrit Blogs?

We are frequently asking to write blogs in Sanskrit.why we are asking it? Well let us express our views.

We are all thinking about Sanskrit, how to spread it? How can we gather all Sanskrit lovers etc.
If we are seriously thinking about Sanskrit to spread through out the internet, We must write blogs in Sanskrit instead of writing on social network walls. The writings on social networks will get out of vision in a short period and  all persons can not see them, where as postings in blogs will have long life. They are read by any person. They are searched by search engines.The aggregators show them on their walls.

Well, If you think that "How many persons visit my blog? But, If I post in a social network automatically people see my post and my post will get - Likes,Shares etc.", Please do one thing. you post in social network as well as in a blog which helps others to get the valuable information.

As a Sanskrit lover you must visit blogs written in Sanskrit and post your comments and boost the bloggers, which action makes bloggers to write more posts in Sanskrit and the internet will fill with Sanskrit.

We request again Please write, read, Comment...Sanskrit blogs.

Please note that :-
1. The place for blogs is provided by many sites free of cost (with out charging any thing). some of  famous blog providers are blogger.com, wordpress.com.

2. The Sanskritcentral.com (The Sanskrit aggregator) will help you to promote your blog on it's wall freely.

3. The guidance to setup blogs (in Sanskrit language) is available at sanskritjagat.com

You can post (Your Sanskrit Post) in three sites with a click

Now you can post your  twitter,facebook, linkedin like timeline postings (in all above three sites) with a one click. But, your timeline should be in Sanskrit. Just post your time line in http://talk.sanskritcentral.com. Automatically the post will be published in Facebook/sanskritcentral, Twitter/sanskritvani, Linkedin/sanskritcentral pages and also sanskritcentral.com aggregatore.
The http://sanskritcentral.com is getting visited by more than 150 visiters daily. Hence, your timeline will be read by more than 150 visitors.

You can post your timeline in your pages also.

How to post?

well. Before to answer this question, Just lern what did I do.

Step 1:- I have logged in my  Facebook page.
Step 2:- I have logged in my twitter page
Step 3:- I have logged in my linkedin page
Step 4:- I have logged in my  http://talk.sanskritcentral.com Page.

Now, I registered and logedin twitterfeed.com .

I have created a new feed with  My http://talk.sanskritcentral.com page rssfeed in twitterfeed, and linked with my facebook,twitter,linked in pages.

Now, You can do the same and can post your postings in four social network sites (in your pages)with a just one click.

You can post your blog titles automatically in four Socialnetwork sites. You can learn that how it is possible with the post "follow us button on your blog"

I request all Sanskrit fellows on the internet to come together, discuss together, share the views together.....We http://sanskritcentral.com team is ready to do favour  any thing you propose for sanskrit on internet. Please share these views in your social network sites ask friends to like these in their pages so that the Sanskrit sites may come limelight.